The Neverwinter Astral Diamonds official forums and Neverwinter Nights 2 News are reporting that Ferret Baudoin has indeed left the building

It could just be the old “creative differences” dilemma (or maybe even an early April fool). Whatever the case, the Neverwinter Astral Diamonds official forums and Neverwinter Nights 2 News are reporting that Ferret Baudoin has indeed left the building, and Obsidian has a new lead designer in J. E. Sawyer.Will this delay NWN 2′s projected Q3 release?

Neverwinter Astral Diamonds


  • As if Atari didn’t have enough to worry about.Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of free-to-play games like Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, has announced the creation of a new company division that plans to bring “current and future” games to both current and next-gen consoles.
  • Perfect World Entertainment CEO Alan Chen said in a press release that the studio’s move to consoles was a “natural progression,” but no details were given on how the company’s mostly Neverwinter Astral Diamonds keyboard-and-mouse-centric games will be translated to the controller-oriented consoles.
  • The press release did, however, tease that more details will be coming sometime next year.Maybe he collapsed under the weight of expectations for designing such an important sequel, or got burned out from all the press interviews a few weeks ago.

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Cryptic Studios and Atari Perfect World Entertainment have shared both the video above and the gallery below, both designed to show you what the upcoming Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Control Wizard class is capable of.

As you can see in the video especially, the spells are heavily inspired by pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons, and the game will have you casting old favorites like Magic Missile, Ray of Frost, and the destructive Ice Storm.


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